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Devices are upgrade modules that can be obtained in the Station during a run. They can be found in chests or sold by Merchants. Devices do not persist between runs and a Hero can only equip one at a time.

Device name Type Effect Flavor Text
All or Nothing Bonus Damage +30 Critical Chance, -10% Attack Damage Swinging for the fence!
All4oner Bonus Damage +20% Attack Damage to Heroes, Turrets, and Crystal Bot in room The gang that stays together, flays together.
Bearing the Burden Bonus Knockback +50% Knockback when no Turrets in room Swing hard; there's no furniture to break.
Careless Tinker Wit +3 Wit, -20% Defense
Clam Up Defense +40% Defense when Health low Definitely a hardshell.
Elbow Room Shove Damage +50% Shove Damage when no other Hero in room When there's nothing friendly you might hit by accident.
Get Goliath Bonus Damage +15% Critical Chance against nearby monsters at full Health The harder they come...
Give and Take Bonus Damage +70% Attack Damage -100% Defense Pain and gain in one happy package.
Gottagofast Speed +20% Speed Hedgehog sound effects as yet unexplained.
High Plains Lifter Bonus Damage +50% Attack Damage when no Hero in room; -10% Attack Damage when other Hero in room Some folks are better left alone.
I am Speed Speed +25% Speed when not firing, performing a Shove, or taking Damage for 4s Are you also blue and spiky?
In the Matrix Wit +1 Wit per Turret in room We are all nodes in a greater network.
King of the Hill Defense +25% Defense when no other Hero in room Not much of a kingdom, but it's all mine!
Lettin' Loose Bonus Damage +20% Critical Chance when no other Hero in room Friends just get in the way.
Light Bearer Bonus Damage Increases Elemental Power of Light Damage Shining a light in the darkness that's full of monsters.
Marathoner Speed +25% Speed when no other Hero in room Nobody to hold you back, but nobory to watch your back...
Martial Mentor Bonus Damage +25% Shove Damage to Heroes in room Follow in my footsteps: learn the Way of the Buttkick.
Mental Blinders Wit +5 Wit when not firing for 1s Some brains can only monotask.
Muscle Memory Bonus Fire Rate +25% Fire Rate, -3 Wit Thinking takes too much time anyway.
Pit Fighter Bonus Knockback +10% Knockback per monster in the room (up tp 300%) With so many targets it's hard to miss.
Posse Tactics Defense +25% Defense when other Hero in room Like having eyes in the back of your head... which happens out here
Pyromaniac Bonus Damage Increases Elemental Power of Fire Damage Some people just want to see the monsters burn.
Simple but Deadly Bonus Damage +25% Fire Rate on Neutral Weapon For those who seek an uncomplicated life.
Slugger Defense -70% attack speed to monsters when shot by Hero A staggering set of talents.
Stress Shooter Bonus Damage +4% Fire Rate per monster in room Adrenaline is your friend!
Stress Shover Bonus Knockback +5% Knockback per 50 Health lost Get away from me!
Stunning Display Bonus Damage Increases Elemental Power of Electrical Damage An electrifying personality with shocking ideas.
Toxic Personality Bonus Damage Increases Elemental Power of Acid Damage It's not them, it's you.
Very Pushy Bonus Knockback +100% Shove Knockback You know, they always said that about you...