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During your run, you'll need to defend your Crystal Bot and Generators from waves of enemies that either spawn in timed intervals or when you perform certain actions. Enemies spawn from spawners located in rooms you've found. The type of enemy is indicated by the colour of the spawner on the minimap. Some enemy types will prioritize generators, turrets, devices and the Crystal Bot whereas others will also or only attack the player.

Timed Waves

Timed Waves will trigger automatically in certain intervals. Every door opened will reduce the interval, as signalled on the "Danger Meter" found above the minimap. This meter will change in colour, speed, and oscillation based on how likely a wave is.

Danger Meter Evolution
SafeStatus.png DangerMeter1.png DangerMeter2.png
DangerMeter3.png DangerMeter4.png WaveStatus.png

Waves triggered by the Player

Certain actions by the player will trigger a wave immediately.

  • Research: When starting a new research in the Research Station it will trigger a wave.

  • Moving the Crystal Bot: Moving the Crystal Bot away from its Crystal Slot will trigger an endless wave of enemies that will stop spawning enemies once the Crystal Bot is back in a Crystal Slot. Actions that cause the Crystal Bot to move are as follows:

    • Drilling at Crystal Shard spots: The Crystal Bot will move to the Crystal Shard spot and drill for Dust and a Crystal Shard. These can be used to upgrade your Crystal Bot. Once the Crystal Bot is finished, it will follow a player, unless the player tells it to move to a Crystal Slot.
    • Moving to a new Crystal Slot: At times, you may find a new Crystal Slot in another room to which you can or have to move the Crystal Bot. Once you send the Crystal Bot there, it will trigger the wave, meaning you'll need to escort it to its goal and finish off any enemies remaining afterwards.
    • Moving to the District Door: The Crystal Bot will move to this door, unlocking it. Simply escort it to this door and hold off enemies until you can move on to the next section of the current Floor or onto the next District.