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Beverages can be unlocked by finding recipes in the station, and activated by using the Cafe in the Saloon.

They apply bonuses, penalties, and rules changes to your run to create a fresh experience, encourage a different play style, or challenge you.

Available Beverages

Name Description Focus Effect
Bloody Mêlée A sip of this and heores will feel better with every Shove. Sadly medkits don't really heal, but make heroes briefly invincible. Heroes -100% defense, +10 shove life steal, no heal but full invincible for 10s on medikit use
For Those Who Wish to See What Cannot Be Seen It tastes alien, incomprehensible... who knows what the Endles saw? But heroes will see weaker turrets, and more powerful Skills. Heroes -50% Attack Damage to Turrets, -50% cooldown to Active and Ultimate Skills of Heroes.
Harvey Headbanger Drop those weapons and operate those Turrets! This will inure heroes to pain, speed them up, and allow a knockback any mule would be proud of. Turrets -90% damage, +60% knockback, +15% speed, + 25% Wit for heroes, +3 industry per door
Medkit Megashake Shroom's secret recipe is known only to her. It's a pick-me-up like no other, making everything feel oh-so-good for a few seconds at a time. Heroes +50% defense,+20% firerate,+50% damage and +20% speed for 15s on medikit +100% Medkit food cost
One-shot You Only Live Once (per run)! Heroes can't be revived, but they can fully heal at an Upgrade Terminal. Heroes Heroes don't revive, full heal on level up
Pepper Punch With this spicy concoction, turrets are so over-powered that they hurt themselves! Make sure to repair them regularly to maintain defenses. Turrets +50% bonus damage for turrets, +20% defense on turrets, (100% * its damage) self-damage per shot for turret
Silent Punch Map? Heroes don't need no stinkin' map. A dram of Silent Punch, and they're too tough to care about it anyway. Other +30% speed, +20% damage for heroes, No Mini map / Tactical map, wave detector stay, red sector + border marker disable
Tea of Myriad Outcomes The tea leaves say... that choice is an illusion. So just take what the generators provide; it's all for the best... Economy +100% Generator Life, Generator select a ressource randomly