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This page containts the ingame Glossary.


Crystal Bot: Defend the Crystal Bot at all costs - if it gets destroyed, your run ends. Moving it to a new Crystal Slot triggers endless waves of monsters until it is reslotted.

Turrets: There are three Turret types: Attack, Hindering and Support. As they fight, they gather XP which can be used to upgrade them - but if they are disabled, they lose all XP.

Weapons: Each Hero can only equip either Heavy Guns or Hand Guns. Weapons have different Damage types and statistics. They can be found in chests or bought at the Merchant.

Shove: Shove by pressing Right Mouse Button (default). This pushes away monsters. It also repairs Turrets. If a Turret has enough XP, it will also level up.

Passive Skill: Passive Skills ate unique to a particular and are automatically applied.

Active Skill: Active Skills are unique to a particular Hero and are triggered by Q (default) They have a short cooldown after use.

Ultimate Skill: Each Ultimate Skill is unique to a particular Hero. They are charged by killing enemies and triggered by R (default).

Relive: When a Hero is downed, hold E (default) to rescue them.

Hero Teleportataion: At anytime, you can teleport your Hero squad to the current Crystal got position by holding Alt (default).

Order Wheel: Hold Space (default) for the Order Wheel and release it to tell followers to stay on position, follow your Hero or defend the Crystal got.

Emote Wheel: In a multiplayer session, you can communicate with other players by using the Emote Wheel by pressing Space (default).


Health: When a unit's Health is depleted, they die - though Heroes are downed first. Heroes recover a portion of their Health at the end of each wave. All units have Health.

Defense: Defense nullifies a percentage of any Damage received. All units have a Defense rating.

Movement Speed: All units except Turrets have a Movement Speed. If Heroes move without aiming then they will Sprint after a short time and move f aster.

Wit: A Hero's Wit determines how effective they are at repairing and boosting Turrets, and at hacking Reset Points.

Damage Type: The type of Damage dealt by an attack - either fire, electrical, acid, light or neutral. Different units are resistant and vulnerable to different Damage Types.

Attack Damage: All units deal a certain amount of Damage through their attacks. This is reduced by Defense before it depletes Health.

Shove Damage: Heroes can cause Damage with their Shove, as well as pushing back enemies.

Return Damage: When hit by an attack, Heroes deal some Damage against the enemy in return.

Firerate: The number of attachs made per second by the unit. All units have a Firerate.

Critical: For Heroes, the Critical rating determines the chance of an attack creating an elemental explosion, as well as the effect of their Damage Type on an enemy.

Elemental Power: The strength of status (stunned, burning, debuffed, poisoned) applied to monsters based on the Hero weapon damage type. Concerns the elemental explosion triggered by a Critical hit.

Knockback: All attacks have a Knockback rating. Attacks push back any unit they hit by this amount.


District: To reach the Core, players must traverse three Floors. On each, there are three Districts. Each District has two Zones. The fourth Floor is the Core...

Crystal Slot: To advance, Crystal Bots most move to Slots. E (default) with the Slot or Door to start the Bot. Waves come until it reaches the new Slot, which might give resources.

Locked Doors: Locked Doors can be opened in two ways, by tripping a Breaker or by slotting the Crystal Bot in a Crystal Slot next to that kind of Door.

Resources: There are three Resource types: Industry, Science and Food. They are mainly acquired by opening Doors and spending them is key to survival.

Monster Spawner: The Spawner is where monsters start during Waves. Each Spawner only produces one type of monster. You can check the weaknesses and resistances of each monster type.

Wave: Some monsters are already present in Rooms, but most arrive in Waves from Spawners. These are triggered by opening Doors, starting Research or moving the Crystal Bot.

Dark Room: These rooms lack power. Monsters can hide in the dark. Turrets and other machines don't work. Spend Dust to light Dark Rooms.

Breaker: Breaker is a switch that can be found in some Rooms to unlock locked Doors.


Resource Generator: Every time a Door is opened, resources are generated. Generators increase door production. Monsters will target them and attempt to destroy them.

Research Terminal: Spend Science Resources here to discover new Turret types or upgrade existing types (including any already built). Starting Research triggers a Wave.

Upgrade Station: Spend Food Resources here to level up and upgrade your Hero for this run.

Medkit Dispenser: Spend Food Resources here to acquire a Medkit. Medkits can be used by any Hero but are rare and should be used sparingly.

Reset Point: When a Blackout event is triggered, find and hack the linked Reset Points to stop it.

Crystal Shard: Mine Crystal Shards with your Crystal Bot. When the Crystal Bot is plugged into a Crystal Slot, you can upgrade the Bot using the Crystal Shard.

Stele: A Stele is a relic that generates an area-of-effect within a Station Zone. Negative Steles can be deactivated to remove their effect. Steles are unique to each District.

Explosive Tank: These volatile tanks can be shot to damage nearby units. The color of the light indicates the Damagq type it does.


Scraps: Gather Scraps from finishing Zones and killing enemies. Spend Scraps at the Workshop to craft Saloon upgrades or at the Stranger's Kiosk to gamble for your next run.

Cells: Gather Cells in the Station. Spend Cells at the Saloon Workshop to craft Weapon Mods or Chips for Heroes and the Crystal Bot.

District Access Key: Each new District Access Key brought back to the Saloon's Hacking Post unlocks access to a new District inside the station.

Core Crypto Key: Each new Core Crypto Key brought hack to the Hacking Post weakens the Core's defenses, increasing your chances to reach the reactor with the Crystal Bot.

Dust: Dust is the most valuable resource in the Endless universe. It can be found in tanks. Use it to turn off Steles or light up Dark Rooms by holding C (default).

Memento: Gather Mementos inside the Station. Bring four Mementos from the same Station Archive to the Saloon Library and unravel the mysteries of the Station's past.

Beverage Recipe: Gather Beverage Recipes in the Station. Bring them to the Saloon Cafe to unlock a new Beverage challenge for your runs.

Devices: Devices are found in chests or bought from Merchants. They provide unique buffs. Heroes can equip a single Device if they match its conditions.