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The saloon is the hub for your exploration of the station, and where you can spend your meta- currency to improve your chances. Here, you’ll find the following elements:

The Reloader and hoists

This is where you begin your delves into the dungeon and where you will respawn after any run. You can choose from three different first floor districts, though initially only Astral Harbor will be unlocked.

The Cafe

Talk to Fassie and get him to mix you up a refreshing beverage: These spicy drinks will change the rules of your runs to create a fresh new experience.

The Hacking Post

At this terminal you can unlock new districts by applying District Keys you found and check in which districts you have goals for hero quests.

The Workshop

Visit Comrade to spend Cells and Scraps.
Cells: Find these in chests and use them to upgrade guns, heroes, and the Crystal Bot. These can buff your squad or further specialize your heroes as you progress through their quest lines.
Scraps: Earn these during runs for progress through Districts and for killing monsters. Spend them on Saloon Improvements:

Improvement name Description Cost in Scraps
Weather Eye Unlocks more information about collectibles on the Station Map 200
Hazard's Almanac Unlocks monsters information in the Archives 400
Spare Snare Repairs the drum kit on stage 600
Ragpicking Increases the amount of Scraps collected in the Station by 10% 800
Chipsmithy Unlocks advanced Chips in the Workshop 1000
Re-Recycling Increases the amount of Scraps collected in the Station by 15% 1200
Designer Wares Unlocks advanced Booster Chestsin the Kiosk 1400
Standing Room Only Allows Shuttle to descend to the Station with 3 Heroes in Solo mode 1600

The Kiosk

Invest Scraps to buy Booster Chests to start your next run with a handful of bonus items, resources, and turrets. Depending on rarity, chests contain a number of items from a predetermined list.

Chest name Possible items Number of items Cost in Scraps
Common Chest Medkit, Weapons, Resources (Industry, Food, Science) 1 100
Uncommon Chest Weapons, Devices, Resources (Industry, Food, Science) 2 250
Rare Chest Dust, Medkit, Devices, Turrets 3 450
Epic Chest Medkit, Weapons, Devices, Turrets 4 700
Endless Chest Medkit, Weapons, Devices, Turrets 5 1000

The Library

Talk to Cartie to learn more about the background and quests of your heroes, the history of the station, and the different monsters.

Hero Skins

Use this wardrobe to change the skins equipped by your heroes.

Meta Progression in Multiplayer

Most meta progression is shared among all players in a multiplayer session, but there are some restrictions, as shown in the following overview provided by Amplitude.

Meta-Progression in Co-op.jpg

However, the above overview is subject to change as Amplitude have announced changes to "make sure hero unlocks in coop are shared with all players."