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Defend the Crystal Bot at all costs - if it gets destroyed, your run ends. Moving it to a new Crystal Slot triggers endless waves of monsters until it is reslotted.


The Crsytal Bot starts with the following stats:

  • Health: 100
  • Defense: 0%
  • Speed: 1.6

Chip Upgrades

In the Saloon at the Workshop you can get Chip Upgrades for the Crystal Bot to increase its effectiveness.

Chip name Effects Type Cost in thumb
Nanocrystalline +50% Health Max Basic 2
Rolling Stone +15% Speed Basic 2
Percussive Discharge +50% Return Damage Basic 2
Overclock +15% Action Speed Basic 2
Lapidary Portals Heals 10 Health when a Zone is completed Basic 4
Hard Target +30% Defense when no Hero in room Basic 4
Multi-Faceted Friends +20% Attack Damage to nearby Heroes Basic 4
Healing Shard Heals 15 Health after drilling Basic 4
Uncut Gem +30% Health Max to all Heroes, -15% Health Max to Crystal Bot Advanced 6
Blinding Brilliance -30% Defense to monsters in room Advanced 6
CCCC +15% Attack Damage and efficiency on Turrets in room Advanced 6
Eat Your Carats Starts with 1 Crystal Shard available to upgrade the Crystal Bot Advanced 6

Shard Upgrades

The Crystal Bot can drill out Crystal Shards. Initiating a drill triggers an endless wave of monsters until the Crystal Bot is reslotted. After drilling out the Crystal Shard and being reslotted, the Crystal Bot can be upgraded by choosing an upgrade while standing near it.

Upgrade name Type Effect
Crystal Restoration Health Heals 15 Health to Crystal Bot for each Zone and Exit Doors opened
Crystalline Focus Attack Grants Crystal Bot an attack that inflicts 30 Neutral Damage /s to monsters in its line of sight
Crystalline Sidekick Attack Adds 17% Attack Damage to Heroes in the Crystal Bot's room
Crystalline Synergy Attack Adds 25% Attack Damage to Turrets in the Crystal Bot's room
Doorways to Wisdom Resource Adds 1 Science generated for each Door opened
Dug In Defense Adds 25% Defense to the Crystal Bot while slotted
Emergent Emergencies Resource Adds 1 Medkit each time a Zone Door is opened
Extra Carats Defense Adds 40% Defense to Crystal Bot, Reduces Movement Speed of Crystal Bot by 25%
Friends & Family Defense Adds 20% Defense to Crystal Bot
Giving its All Resource Reduces Max Health of Crystal Bot by 40%, Adds 1 Food generated per Door opened, Adds 1 Science generated per Door opened
Hard Target Defense Adds 40% Defense to Crystal Bot if no Heroes are in the same room
Healing Shard Health Heals 30 Health to Crystal Bot when drilling
Industrious Efforts Resource Adds 1 Industry generated for each Door opened
Slo Mo Attack Reduces Movement Speed of monsters in the same room by 25%, Reduces Defense of monsters in the same room by 30%
Sonic Crystal Speed Adds 10% Movement Speed to Crystal Bot per monster in the same room (up to 100%)
Speed is of the Essence Speed Adds 20% Crystal Bot's speed to all Crystal actions
Superglue Health Sets Crystal Bot's Health to 20% if less than 20% when leaving a Zone
Swift but Sloppy Speed Adds 50% Crystal Bot's speed to all Crystal actions, Adds 50% Damage received by Crystal Bot
The Way to a Hero's Hearth Resource Adds 1 Food generated for each Door opened