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ENDLESS™ Dungeon

ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a Rogue-lite Tactical Action game, set in the award-winning ENDLESS™ Universe. It's the spiritual successor to the 2014-released Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ but apart from the core gameplay principles of opening doors, building up generators and turrets, and surviving endless waves, ENDLESS™ Dungeon also adds even more mysteries, a very atmospheric Saloon to return to, upgrades to your weapons and abilities, as well as unique modifiers to add some extra spice into your runs.
ENDLESS™ Dungeon released on October 19th, 2023.

SEGA and Abstraction Games brought ENDLESS Dungeon to all PlayStation and Xbox consoles with help from / Pingle Studio .

This game is a procedurally generated unique blend of rogue-lite, tactical action, and tower defence where you plunge into an abandoned space station alone or with friends in co-op, recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters.

The goal of the game is to reach The Core with your Crystal Bot intact. This can be done through a variety of different Districts - each equipped with different types of dangers to play around. As you move from floor to floor, you'll open doors, hence passing "turns" which generate a set amount of resources. This amount can be modified using Devices and Steles.

Resources include Industry, Food and Science, as well as the rare Dust. To be successful, you'll need to manage these properly and find strategies that suit your playstyle. Industry is used to build devices and turrets, whereas Food is required for Medpacks and Hero Upgrades. Science is needed for the Research of turrets and turret upgrades. On top of that, there are vendors scattered throughout the Dungeon that will sell you weapons and other upgrades at the cost of one of the resources.

On your escape attempts, you can bring up to two friends with you - or if you're playing Solo, up to two other AI companions whom you can switch to at any time. These Heroes each come with a basic, ultimate and passive ability, as well as a preferred weapon type, adding to the layers of possible strategies. Whereas the tanky Bunker will soak up damage, the fiery Blaze loves to blow stuff up, and Shroom can heal her squadmates with her "unusual" license. There are many Heroes to unlock and recruit, each adding their unique taste to the core gameplay loop.

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